Looking at the US map, there are three states I have never seen:  the Dakotas, and Hawai'i.
Time to find places to play in those three states!  Anybody have any ideas?

I clambered around Petit Jean Mountain yesterday with two of my heart's best brothers, one of whom has the wrists of a swordsman and a very impressive film resume.  Hell of a thing, to find out that I'm one degree removed from Weta, as well as the gentleman who did the fight choreography for Serenity.  Really, the fact that my friends are amazing and also have amazing friends shouldn't surprise me so much anymore.  Delight, yes; surprise, no.  Anyhow, we three took Cedar Falls Trail at Petit Jean (pronounced petty jeen around here), two miles of shade and rocks and beauty.  The company and conversation were excellent, the terrain was rugged but not fierce, there was an invasion of blue butterflies on the trail, and once we reached our destination, I found the canyon itself to be a healing place.
Cedar Creek Canyon Check out the rest of my photos at Flickr, here.  Living Water

It's an amazing thing, to sit on the side of a mountain with good friends, watching a waterfall crash steadily down; to realize you've just remembered to breathe, and breathe deeply.  I left a lot of anxiety and sadness and tension behind at the encouragement of those waters yesterday.  I feel a few pounds lighter, healthier.

This is where we went.  Right in my backyard, practically.  I'll be going back.  I do love coming home to Arkansas, more than ever in the springtime.  There are people who will never see these magical places, who will never know what my home territory has to offer.  I'm working on that. *smile*

Our little adventure band is headed, separately, to Thailand and to Indiana.  I've got to get packed to drive to French Lick (yes; whimsical name for a town, isn't it?) for the Beltane event where I'm singing this weekend.  It's been good to be home.  Next weekend, I have a concert in my hometown.  You're all welcome, if you want to make the trip.  Maybe we can all run off and see the waterfall on Saturday afternoon. :)
zarhooie: Girl on a blueberry bramble looking happy. Text: Kat (Default)

From: [personal profile] zarhooie

Oh lady, don't I know it! <3

Your best bet is Sioux Falls, and if I knew what was happening with the housing situation, I'd offer to host something in the fall/winter. Since my parents are selling this house though... Well, I can't set anything up until they've got the new place straightened away.

I'm not really connected with the SJ-appreciating crowd here, but I have some friends who are. I'll ask around for you.

And as always, if y'all are passing through...


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