September's Rhyme
Words & music by S. J. Tucker
Vocals: S. J. Tucker
Tracked & mixed by Tony Fabris, Monkey Brains Studios Seattle

I wrote this song in the lobby of the health clinic in my home town, while waiting for an appointment, almost exactly a year ago.  [info]yuki_onna  is so sweet to me; she always sends me new and secret things to read when she has them ready.  This time, it was the first chapter of The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland.  In that first chapter, heroine September leaves home and has to figure out how to get into Fairyland using her wits.  Her not entirely helpful friend the Green Wind helps a bit.  With a little frustration and with a lot of holding her mouth right and hopping on one foot, she manages it before the chapter ends.  This song is an attempt to detail, in a wacky way, the process she must go through in order to get into Fairyland.  When Cat heard this for the first time, she wrote me and called it "the devil's carousel music."

About the recording:
[info]tfabris  and I got this one where we wanted it in somewhere between one and two hours, I think, at most.  The recording only takes up three tracks, all of them vocals, and I knew what I wanted to sing going into it: the lead vocal, and two demented little harmony voices behind it.  Every time I hear a new recording for the first time, every time I hear played back what I've only had in my own head up to that moment, it's magic.  Devil's carousel music or not, I love this song.  If nothing else, it got me great feedback from [info]hsifyppah, who said it was very evocative of six-year-olds with disturbing grins (totally my goal), and also from [info]otterkin , who said that my voice "is like purple honey crystal".  ...yum.
Interesting facts:
There are three songs on Mischief that are just under two minutes long:  "The Truth About Ninjas", "Love Lies", and this one.  "September's Rhyme" is the shortest song on the whole album, and it's also the youngest of the three that are under two minutes in length.  Three is a magic number, they say... 
For those of you who are curious, I will be writing more music in honor of Fairyland.  Very, very soon.  I like very much what the first chapter brought out of me, and so I'll be exploring the rest of them and hunting for songs between their phrases.  [info]yuki_onna  leaves me plentiful clues in her stories--I'm three albums in already for that reason.

Lyrics are here, and a little bit more of the background story, along with an mp3, can be found here.  Tonight I'm singing in Ann Arbor again, where this song had its live debut back in October. :D

For other songs I've written that were inspired by [info]yuki_onna 's work, try Quartered, Solace & Sorrow, or For the Girl in the Garden.
Thanks to Cat and Monkey for this one.
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